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Easton 2013 BBCOR Bat Line

For the 2013 Season Easton is introducing the next generation of their BBCOR Power Brigade bats. Easton has upgraded the carbon fiber in the handles of the S1, S2, XL1 & XL2 models. This upgrade make the handle more durable and reduces vibration for an overall better feeling bat. The S4 in a new addition to the Power Brigade line. The S4 has a 2 1/2″ barrel and has a balanced feel and is quick through the hitting zone.

When comparing the various Easton BBCOR bats remeber that the Speed Series are designed to be balanced bats that give you faster swing speeds to generate more power. The XL Series bats are designed with a longer barrel for a bigger sweet spot.

The seven models for 2013:

S1 (399.99)

Two Piece all Composite

S2 (299.99)

Two Piece Hybrid with Composite Handle & Scandium Alloy Barrel

S3 (199.99)

One Piece Aluminum Scandium Alloy with Stiff Feel

S4 (199.99)

One Piece Aluminum Scandium Alloy with 2 1/2″ Barrel Diameter

XL1 (399.99)

Two Piece all Composite with Extra Long Barrel

XL2 (299.99)

Two Piece Hybrid with Composite Handle & Extra Long Scandium Alloy Barrel

XL3 (199.99)

One Piece Aluminum Scandium Alloy with Extra Long Barrel

Easton S3 Power Brigade BBCOR Review

2012 Easton S3 Power Brigade BBCOR -3



From The Manufacturer:

We believe in power and the Power Brigade arsenal of bats was built with that in mind. Whether you prefer the fast swinging Speed Series, or the extended barrel of the XL Series, power is the end result. Where will your power come from?

With the lowest MOI’s on the market, the Speed Series’
light swing weights generate more bat speed, allowing
players to hit with more power in every at bat.

S3 – One-Piece THT100™ Scandium Alloy


Weight: The Easton S3 is from the speed series which is a balanced bat. Batters who like the balanced bat will like the weight on this bat.  Feels lighter than other -3 models on the market.


Pop: Our hitters really liked the way the ball came of the bat.  Very solid and it seemed pretty forgiving.  The barrel is not as long as the XL model but it still is a good size hitting zone on the bat.


Pros: Extremely well balanced bat.  Feels very light to the batter.  Nice sweet spot and ball comes off the bat very nicely.  The $199 price point is also very nice as it performs very well and might be the best at this price point.


Cons: Doesn’t have the WOW pop that some of the higher end bats have but at this price you are getting a very good bat for the buck.  Many of our hitters preferred this bat over some of the higher end composite models.


GRADE: 9 out of 10


DeMarini 2012 Voodoo Black BBCOR Review

2012 DeMarini Voodoo Black BBCOR -3




From The Manufacturer:UNLEASH SOME EVIL. BBCOR APPROVED.Spellbinding, ain’t it? The mere sight of a DeMarini Voodoo puts opposing teams into a trance. And for good reason. Voodoo supernaturally combines an advanced SC4 Alloy barrel with our exclusive Tri Strut TR3 Composite Handle. It’s BBCOR certified to comply with the new rules and regs for 2012 high school play, but it has a unique weight advantage over other aluminum bats. That’s because DeMarini’s patent-pending Taper Ring Technology adds weight closer to the taper of the bat, resulting 
in a gargantuan sweet spot and wicked swing speeds. In other words, it’s evil through and through.


Weight: The DeMarini Voodoo Black has a very balanced feel to the bat. Batters who like the balanced bat will like the weight on this bat.


Pop: In our tests we saw some nice pop off the bat when in the sweet spot. I defintely feel this bat has more pop then the 2011 BBCOR model. The sweet sport is a bit small compared to a few other bats but better than most BBCOR bats. It’s a little forgiving in but not much.


Pros: Balanced bat with some nice pop when hit in the sweet spot. Good price point. Another benefit is half sizes for those looking to go up in length but maybe wanting a half size rather than a whole size up.


Cons: Smaller sweet spot than some of the other bats we have tested.


GRADE: 8 out of 10