Backwards Baseball

The purpose of backwards baseball drill is to keep your players focuse but let them have some fun after some long workouts

Equipment Needed:

Players need their gloves
Bats & Batting Helmets
Bases or Cones
Two Teams or more teams
Batting practice pitcher

You will want to split your players into two or more teams depending on the amount of players.  Ideally you will want to have 9 players available on the field so each position is covered.

Each team will get 3 outs just like a scrimmage or inner-squad game.  The batting practice pitcher will throw pitches to the batters which each batter will put in play.  When a batter puts the ball in play they will run the bases backwards.  Instead of running to First Base they run to Third Base, Second and First and back Home. Fielders will throw the ball to Third Base to get a batter out.  After three put outs the teams switch.  To add some fun to the game and focus, if a player puts the ball in play and runs to First Base that’s an automatic out.  This will defintely add some laughs but also teaches the players to focus on the task at hand.  

By using this drill you will add some laughs and let the players have a little fun while still getting good reps at the plate and on the field.  We use this drill after we have been having some long practices.